Free eye camp

Our collaborative eye camp program is successfully running at preethinivas, bangalore today. The area chairman of Area 3 Forty one clubs of India, Mr. Mohan inaugurated the camp. Representing the Optometry council and Zeiss- Ms. Paula, spoke about their commitment to making the lives of the underprivileged better. Chairmen of N40 Sunil Bhatia, while addressing the gathering emphasised on the need for meaningful activities such as this for Forty one clubs of India. “Share your joys program which had started during the years 2016-17, is a perfect example of true charity delivered whole heartedly by forty 1rs.” On behalf of the inmates and the slum children, father Raj, thanked the association for conducting the camp. The live food counter, was there to provide food for the children, once the camp has concluded, spectacles will be delivered in its wake for any of the needy. Any individuals with a serious eye condition will be referred for further treatment, depending on its case.


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